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Architectural Design 2017-09-07T19:25:45+02:00

Progetto Legno is supported by a professional staff for the implementation of the your project.

Design distinct phases

Architectural Design

When you start a project, it is advisable to rely on a qualified practitioner to preliminarily verify the feasibility of the project. However, this is useful enough for the client to inquire and know, although in great detail, what the technician will produce and the various stages and times that the building concession may entail.

On request we can take care of the entire design process by offering a complete Turnkey Service that starts from land analysis and then proceeds with feasibility study and preliminary consultations.

Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our designers, you will be guided in the decision making process to evaluate all aspects related to your new wooden house, from aesthetics to the use of materials, to the correct distribution and dimensioning of indoor and outdoor spaces .

We will therefore be able to draw the way for the implementation of the architectural project and then go on to look at executive planning and bureaucratic management.

Our technicians will be able to combine technical figures with attention to energy saving and eco-sustainability, expanding their aesthetically pleasing solutions, and implementing the principles of sustainability and biocompatibility.

This preliminary study will help to better understand implementation times, costs and benefits.

Practices and Expertise

Under customer’s request we can deal with the stacking buildings service, with the editing of their measures and planimetry;

Thanks to our high experience we can deal with facility and speed all the needs of the applicant we can carry out a thorough research or investigation.


We are also prepared to release all certificates according to the wood regulations.

Practical editing

We deal with technical-urban and cadastral practices, cadastral, mortgage, practices to various utilities, all to offer you a better service and save time.

We are also able to aid every step for you:

  • Report of Urban Planning Practices (PDC pursuant to Presidential Decree 380/2011 s.m.i) for the purpose of authorizing the concluded work;

  • Report of Structural Calculation and relative deposition at the civil genius;

  • Report of safety plan and coordination during the design phase under the 81/2008 and s.m.i.;

  • Report of a safety plan and coordination under implementation under 81/2008 and s.m.i.;

  • Coordination of site security in accordance with 81/2008 and s.m.i.;

  • Communications to the site (starting work, notifications, etc …);

  • Works Direction with Verbal Verification;

  • Plant Designing;

  • Energy certifications and attestations;

  • Building site;

  • Closure bureaucratic part with end work and agility;

  • Report on the use of renewable sources.

Structural calculations

We provide the necessary advice on structural calculations on different types of materials for civil and industrial architectures. Thanks to our staff we can carry out structural calculations in a short time with competence and professionalism. For each project, the best structural solution will be studied that is convenient in economic heat and for the optimization of internal spaces. Thanks to the use of advanced software and latest generation instrumentation we will find perfect solutions from every point of view. Thanks to a competent and well-trained staff we are also able to carry out problem solving activities, giving the customer the utmost attention to its architectural demands.

1 – Calculation of Wooden Structures

We carry out structural calculations for wooden houses made of solid wood and wooden pillars as well as calculating the load bearing structures we also calculate wooden roofs, and trusses and mixed floors made of wood and concrete by designing the different connections between different elements, guaranteeing The maximum firmness of the structure.

2 – Calculation of Structures in Concrete

We perform calculations for basements, basements, reinforced concrete floors and simple wooden floorboards. We verify the structural seal of bulkheads and supporting walls, as well as provide mixed concrete (steel / concrete / wood concrete) calculations for new designs and existing works.

3 – Steel Structures Calculation

New constructive techniques allow us to calculate single – and multi – storey buildings with steel and steel structures and Glass and Steel and Wood.

4 – Geotechnical Calculation

We also carry out geotechnical calculations of each geotechnical report drafting in accordance with current regulations.

5 – Other Services

  • Verification and strengthening of existing structures (anti-seismic and non-anti-seismic);

    • Design and calculation of foundation structures (plinths, beams, poles, etc.);

    • Study of structural parts by finite element analysis;

    • Construction supervision

    • Testing