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FAQ – Frequent Asked Questions

How much does a Progetto Legno’s house cost?

Our homes can be constructed in a variety of ways, from Advanced Grid to Turnkey.

Our turnkey wooden houses prices range from 1000 € / m²

We can make the house even at roughly 600 € / m² or at the Advanced Grass.

Our price per square meter is indicative as one needs to evaluate each project and its main variables (number of floors, shape, interior quality, interior and exterior furniture, fixtures and installations, number of roof tiles, location etc..).

That’s why we always ask for a preliminary or executive plan for our customers in order to calculate the costs in detail.

What is included in the Advanced Raw State formula? And in the Turnkeys formula?

A building is defined as “Prime Raw State” when only structural works have been completed.

In the other hand, an “Advanced Raw State” is free of electrical, heating and sanitary systems and without paving, but complete with external fixtures and, generally, interior (interior walls and various accessories such as internal stairs, etc

Our policy is to care about your home, thus avoiding unnecessary burdens related to the construction of our customer’s home. For this reason we offer the Turnkeys Formula that includes: Assembly, Electrical System, Gas System, Thermal System, Water and Sanitation System, Flooring, Double Wood Glass or PVC Fixtures, Transportation Costs, Wages and Housing for Workers.

Which works remain out of the cost of realization?

Generally the costs considered are excluded from the foundation to the stalls, executive design and work direction.

In addition, the costs of connection to the utilities (water, light, sewers, gas) are to be considered as extra. However, if the customer is unable or unwilling to deal with such works, we can deal with such work by quoting them separately.

How Much does the foundation and the stalls cost?

The costs of excavations and foundations can only be established after having made a geological
ground report. Knowing the subsoil we can establish the structural features that the foundation must have to be able to hold the dwelling. Obviously, there are many variables to consider: subsoil, slope of the ground, morphological characteristics in general. On average, if the ground does not have any particular underground problems and is tending to be flat, we can consider a ca. 30 cm thick plate and variable costs ranging from a minimum of €100/m2 to a maximum of 150 € /m2.

Who handles the Bureaucratic Design and Management Phase?

The architectural design and bureaucratic management phase remains one of the most delicate phases of the realization of a home. This phase can be long and complicated. Progetto Legno gives to the customer the choice of designer and work manager. The customer can choose to trust a technician of his trust or alternatively the customer can entrust this stage to our technicians and designers with additional design costs.

Who handles the Structural Calculation Phase?

The structural calculation phase of your wooden house is handled directly by Progetto Legno, which will present all the necessary work for the civilian genius or customer reference technician.

What Are Eco-Friendly Houses?

Progetto Legno’ signed homes are designed to be in line with the provisions of the Kyoto Protocol (CO2 emission reduction). Thanks to its high-quality wood structure and insulation, it guarantees a high energy saving compared to traditional houses and an energy class ranging from B to A +. The Progetto Legno Wooden Houses are made of natural and non-toxic materials, 100% recyclable and regenerable.

Can I Build on a Countryside field or Do I need a Specific Site?

Our Eco-Friendly solutions should be considered at the same time as traditional masonry buildings, therefore they follow the same way as traditional houses with regular building concessions. The regulation concerning the possibility of building on agricultural land varies from state to state. We advise you to contact your community or to trust a trusted technician to find out the building constraints of your countryside field.

What materials are used in BioArchitecture?

The Materials used by Progetto Legno for building houses in BioArchitecture are mainly: Lamellar Wood of Austrian origin and certified. Wood fibers / Mineral wool and Cork that offer great thermal insulation efficiency, guarantee excellent thermal and sound insulation of the home with also excellent fire resistance.

How Long Does a Wooden House last?

It is not possible to determine the length of a wooden house. Wooden building is the oldest on the planet, many wooden houses stand out hundreds of years, despite being built with simple methods and materials than today’s. The structure of our homes is guaranteed 30 years (unlike the traditional homes guaranteed for 10 years), the maintenance required is the same as a traditional home. The houses do not suffer any decay with the passage of time in any weather condition. The wood used by Progetto Legno for the construction of houses in Bioarchitecture is treated with non-toxic paints and flame-retardants that leave the wood breathable and at the same time protect it.

Are they Safe? Are they Flammable? Are they Anti-Seismic?

Progetto Legno constructions are completely fireproof and tested to certify their fire resistance; The wood fiber inside the walls has high resistance to fire, with temperatures up to 1832 ° F without melting up to 120 minutes. A higher resistance can be obtained by increasing the thickness of the inner linings (Fermacell / FibroGesso).

The walls of our wooden houses made with XLam Technology have the function of a self-supporting static structure, consisting of a frame made up of lamellar wood beams that ensure elastic behavior of the structure as a whole, avoiding the concentration of the efforts.

The low seismic risk is ensured by the wood’s elasticity, so our wooden houses are anti-seismic in all respects.

Can construction technology be used for Building Superelevations?

Thanks to the technology of our walls and materials used, our wood constructions are recommended for superelevations. The need to raise masonry or reinforced concrete buildings is often to avoid overloading the underlying structure. Our solutions have a weight of 1/3 compared to traditional building solutions so are recommended for such types of work or renovations.

Do you build all over the country?

Progetto Legno works across national and international territory, clearly, the costs for more distant regions or islands are to be calculated separately by offering Ad Hoc offers.