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Our strength 2017-06-22T08:47:59+02:00


There is an interlacement of peoples life stories of which in different times and ways have put their experience, passion and knowledge into what they do.

There is the constant urge to go further; the desire to do more and better, to reach new goals through research and the continuous updating of skills.

There is the awareness that value partnerships are hardly born on a table for commercial needs, but flourish and consolidate when there is a sharing of goals and visions at the base.

There is deep respect for the environment in which we live and the sense of responsibility that has always led us to make difficult and often controversial choices to remain consistent with the objective of spreading the principles of a new building that does not fall into compromises.

There is humility to consider the goals achieved in these years only as a base and a starting point for pursuing new challenges.

It is a pleasure to have shared and fulfilled the dream of so many Italians who, as we believe, can build and respond responsibly and properly.

Finally there is a desire to share all this and more with you: the best way to do this is to invite you to come here to visit our Magical Lucania and the place where Progetto Legno structures are born.