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Our designers will be able to manage the design of your wooden house’s technological systems to ensure maximum energy savings by carefully assessing the energy needs of your home.

Thanks to our professionalism and experience in the field of sustainability and technological innovation, your home will be equipped with the latest generation of equipment that will allow you to live in maximum comfort while optimizing the potential of your home.

The solutions we offer are cutting edge and aim to bring together the best air-conditioning and self-production systems of hot water and energy, allowing you to save up to 80% of your home-use costs.

From designing electrical systems, lighting, home automation and renewable energy management, and air conditioning, you will be followed step by step by our technicians.

Innovation and Sustainability

We are constantly looking for innovative solutions for eco-sustainability and optimization of investments. We will provide you with new generation homes designed to provide you with maximum comfort through the use of innovative materials and technologies tailored to your needs.

Thanks to the careful preliminary study of the project, Progetto Legno guarantee practicality, functionality, thermal efficiency, electrical, sustainability and well-being.

Our integrated design projects will lead you into a new plant design concept offering advanced packages that will simplify plant management by eliminating fossil and conventional fuel requirements.

We also deal with the design of Water Plants, Thermal Plants and Electrical Plants.