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Progetto Legno offers its customers a complete system of laminated wood, spruce, larch, pine or solid wood, depending on the customer’s choice, combined with a high-performance, natural-looking natural insulation package. Comfort in all climatic zones.

The stratigraphy consists of high quality certified wood panels; on the inside, a breathable, sealed sheath, under the insulation on inside and outside of the sheath with high performance, breathable and UV resistant.



  1. Lamellar Wood beams

  2. Spruce / larch plank

  3. Steam brake

  4. Wood fiber insulating panel

  5. Waterproof and breathable undercoat

  6. Fir spruce for roof ventilation 40 × 50 mm

  7. Spruce fir boards, 40 × 50 mm

  8. Cladding made of clay tiles


  •  System life guarantee

  •  Steam-permeable construction and resistant to rainfall.

  •  Complete system: insulation, undercoat and waterproofing without condensation.

  •  Excellent protection from cold and summer heat, improved acoustic insulation thanks to the porosity of the panels.

  •  High performance thanks to rational pose and no waste.


Progetto Legno only works with high-quality materials, and for this reason has chosen as the tile model the PICA’s New Zenith Tile, which boasts state-of-the-art technology that puts it at the highest European level.

The PICA’s New Zenith Tile is larger than traditional tiles and allows roof coverage of 1 sq. Ft. with 11 roof tiles. It is clear the benefit that comes from its functionality and efficiency in laying.

High technology, coupled with a careful selection of raw materials and strict production control, make Zenith a roofing system capable of delivering excellent levels of performance and performance.

Zenith tile is available in doughy and ingenious colors and has a wide choice of special pieces such as finishing, 2-way, three-way, four-way, tile for ventilation, tile finishes and fireplaces.


Progetto Legno uses in its rain gutter system are made of Pre-painted Sheet or Aluminum, at the customer’s choice.